One of my love brands--Christian Louboutin

One of my love brands--Christian Louboutin

There used to be many times has a impulse to write fashion blog
Write down my fashion, mood and attitude
Typing but I don't understand, so can only write a diary
But blog is more convenient, and can upload fotos
So finally today darling,
Began to write my fashion Internet diary *
Hope I can keep going on it:)


Christian Louboutin
It's interesting, I like the word Christian is interested in
Christian dior, Christian lacroix, catch to CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN FLATS are all my beloved
Anyway, it is my dream shoes louboutin shoes
Remember a long time ago, I like to play polyvole,
Inadvertently found a pair of graceful shoes to me,
Behind the brown red soles, 12 cm high, there is also a very exaggerated but is very beautiful very have administrative levels feeling high up
At that moment, I love it by first sight!!!!!!!!!!!
Namely lauboutin, let I to the devil wears prada, blue
But such a pair of beautiful high up in the price really is too much,,


My classic louboutin high up in *


Taken by David Lynch * the works of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PUMPS
Even men's cut through the red bottom louboutin black characteristics *


Have time to look at his website, is also very interesting oh ~
HTTP: / / http://www.christianlouboutin.com/


and my wardrobe diary today:


My Lovely Jimmy Choo

Not like Jimmy Choo

This brand is probably the most impressive in the inside of The Devil Wears Prada
First Anne wearing designer shoes
Jimmy Choo

Entrer des mots clefs

Although already have seen the glamor of Jimmy Choo
But the film blessing
To Gengrang Jimmy Choo fried for a longer hot

See Jimmy Choo counters last week in Oxford
Which is packed with people
Efforts every woman wants to foot tucked Jimmy Choo inside
However, I am looking ahead
Jimmy Choo original style increasingly weak
Mainly because five years ago LION CAPITAL bought jimmy choo boots outlet
Production and refined always from

Jimmy Choo continues his handmade custom shoes work
Jimmy Choo shoes are made in operations with commercial brand shoes production
Different styles
The handmade custom shoe asking price is not Fiji
But your completely unique angle value is indeed priceless
Every woman would dream of this life such a unique pair of custom shoes!

However, Jimmy Choo shoes
In fact, evening shoes is very unique
But not part of the boots prominent
Each year, each brand will have a theme
Theme inside Jimmy Choo
Originality and uniqueness is not strong
It is a great pity

However, at such times there is no difference between the
Now the brand has been speculation up
His brand the commercial worth far more than the spirit of the brand essence
This is a fact!
A pity
But I still miss the scenery when a brand nine years ago, Jimmy Choo
Princess Diana Queen's shoemaker
His position in the hearts of the British
Presumably very noble
No wonder the British are so popular Jimmy Choo shoes

There is a saying "shoes is shoes, unless it is the greengrocer 's.how' s Jimmy Choo!
This fully explains the value of Jimmy Choo

I am not blind to deny now jimmy choo pumps outlet
Just miss the original style with exquisite degree
But I also believe that
Brand is needed shock to new and improved with a breakthrough

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For me
Jimmy Choo shoe-making technology is quite superb.
Since Jimmy Choo studying
Into the ergonomic Jimmy Choo shoe-making.
First precedent (of course! Salvatore Ferragamo!)
In addition to beauty and fashion, also attaches great importance to the comfort
Jimmy Choo fashion footwear sector
Absolute value far exceeds the Jimmy Choo brand name

In addition, advertising for Jimmy Choo
I find it quite interesting

Entrer des mots clefs

This poster next to the floating corpses
Another founder of Jimmy Choo man the chlorotoluron said the "global women's mental and captured their heart is not being stressed."
Whether the dead man was captured? Or?
But I feel quite ironic
After all, ultimately bound women Jimmy Choo Aurora Pumps high heels!

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This poster is even more find it ironic
Woman wearing high heels to change a tire
Which also sat a man
With contingent to emphasize the tolerability of shoes with sturdy
But always feel a little more of the opposite effect