[Buy has ended] Tory Burch new direct discount - super quality discounts

[Buy has ended] Tory Burch new direct discount - super quality discounts

Dear drops holding oil:

2/21 Update:
I am listening to the applause Feng Fei-fei, has played five consecutive times, very good ~ ~ Listen + impressed!

Please give Carol a little time, one after another this week will be sent bags, shoes,
If you have questions, please leave a message or e-mail, will get back to you as soon as possible, thanks
Yesterday friend Carol has 80% of the e-mail notification purchasing individual circumstances (you can send immediately notify the Department of the balance due ... need to transfer cargo)
Only Miss Xu Xiaolian, because there is no e-mail, so Carol in this notice here:
Wallet weekend get Lou, tomorrow will help you to send (just tomorrow to Taiwan courier flight)
Hopefully, you can receive the package next week

Need to transfer goods Tory Burch Logo Clutch .... really selling fast
Found that not only Americans like Tory Burch, even the Koreans will buy ... super

Carol bought the first day of the seven edge number two cheap tory burch sandals Logo Clutch,
The next day want to buy four, actually store are sold out, to ask Miss help transfer cargo,
On the third day want to buy two, Miss actually said to have identified the transfer does not arrive,
Even the official website weekend Tory Burch Tory Burch Logo Clutch first
Black gold frame / silver frame two color photos to win, the official online are sold out ....

Need to transfer cargo with the later part of the purchase of shoes plus bags, reservation will be sent next week in succession

2/19 Update:
Lin looked up on the first morning of the Mavericks (people, but last year's winning team Oh) ballgame,
~ ~ Is really awesome,
Although small in front of Nick lose momentum or start the fourth quarter the score back to recover the ~ ~ ~

Saturday and Sunday were all weekend to go Tory Burch procurement, these days will begin after another sent to the bag,
There are some other transfer cargo to bag
(Like the second paragraph classic discount tory burch bags shop selling quickly,
Carol buy spot will follow successively of remittances sent, then please bear with me, thanks)

Need to wait can immediately transfer cargo or parcel Carol will send e-mail notification once,
In addition to e-mail can be confirmed outside

If you have questions about which part, please let Carol know, thanks



This is Carol today to buy Tory Burch key lock ring,
Style is modeled entirely true proportion of Tory Burch bags made, super cute ~
But I think the key used when the lock ring too wasted ......
Hanging in the bag strap was fooled excellent A whole lovely to burst

Originally, I wanted to buy a blue, yesterday to three color has ... actually leaving today to black

If you have liked this to lock bag friends, today you can also add options Oh, but to the end in order to send
(Please do not mind friends in considering)


No.: 18
Name: Tory Burch Robinson Small Tote Key Fob
Price: us 55 + tax, original purchasing about NT nt 2,164
Shopping discount period: nt 1,750 including postal (if it is sent along with the purchasing items, nt1, 320)
Note: Tory Burch gift bags
Size length and width of a girl's hand, purse is really open to withhold
Also to be recommended is this pair of ultra-soft leather flip-flops in the summer,
Carol also have to buy their own, while the discount when you buy super deal, but it must transfer goods

No.: 19
Name: Tory Burch tumbled leather miller sandal
Price: us 195 + tax, original purchasing about NT nt 6,992
Shopping discount period: nt 5,380 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, shoe box
Size: normal size generally take


No: 20 Today saw the new flip-flops in summer
Name: Tory Burch ray wedge flip Flop
Price: us 75 + tax, original purchasing about NT nt 2,950
Shopping discount period: nt 2,380 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, shoe box
Size: normal size generally take

2/18 update, dear holding oil Come on, I have two pen nobody remittances contact,
Amount nt12, 680 & nt1, 500 please contact the sender Oh, thanks
reply to e-mail all over, if not received the letter Oh leakage may occur (before there happened ...)
This weekend ~!!!
New Tory Burch flagship store will have a rare classic with premium brand discount date,
Always wanted to start Tory Burch friends Do not miss out
Currently purchasing the following styles are Tory Burch's classic since its launch with the new spring and summer 2012,
Many department stores on the classic Tory Burch with the new discount will be with the little

The Tory Burch brand in Japan over the weekend will recall the original price,
There needs like purchasing sinks holding oil need to deposit nt1, 500 Oh, thank you

*** Carol purchasing certain to please the lady to help me get all new (not a cabinet exhibition out of the package)
So do not worry yourself to buy leather bags have touched marks or creases,

*** Please be completed in Taiwan on Saturday remittances Oh (including Saturdays), thanks


Number 1
Name: Tory Burch Reva Clutch black lambskin shoulder bag (multiple color can choose)
Price: us325 + tax, about NT nt10, 855 (approximately 13,000 breeze)
Shopping: nt 8,980 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch
This classic Tory Burch's Clutch Carol bought silver last year,
U.S. one hundred anniversary of the company even if there is, this would not have discounts,
Carol used now, I feel the material of the bag with the dimensions are super excellent, super recommended!
Shopping and drinking tea ran lie the most suitable, interested friends can go in and see Oh point

Number 2
Name: Tory Burch Amanda logo clutch (multicolor optional)
Price: us325 + tax, about NT nt10, 855 (approximately 13,000 breeze)
Shopping: nt 8,980 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch

Carol last week to this one happens to have purchasing, back up great texture,
Chain belt can cannibalize, so you can just as clutch,
Adjusted to short shoulder bag, with back up shopping bag over the whims of the long-chain
Perfect in a pack with three, it depends on your preferences day outfit with a ~
This bag is a fun place to make their own adjustments to short-chain Carol looks like ~
Because it is a new package, so strap on the bag with the logo removed neither film



Number 3
Name: Tory Burch Leather stacked hobo (multicolor optional)
Price: us 465 + tax, about NT nt 15,676
Shopping: nt 12,300 including postal
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch

This is Carol last weekend purchasing one new bag Tory burch 2012
Full leather weight faster than our house that was hurled rotten ipad lighter, Baoshen very soft ~
Moderate size, fine package devil is in the details at ~
Full leather tailor the perfect logo leather label with metal buckle Logo
Practical sense like a friend with a low-key office workers can consider this
No.: 4
Name: Tory Burch climbing pore channing tote
Price: us 295 + tax, about NT nt 9,945
Shopping: nt 7,800 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch


No.: 5
Name: Tory Burch Robinson mini bag
Price: us 365 + tax, about NT nt
Shopping: nt 9,890 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch

No.: 6
Name: Tory Burch Norah Flap Clutch
Price: us 275 + tax, about NT nt 9,270
Shopping: nt 7,580 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch
Number: 7
Name: Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote
Price: us 575 + tax, about NT nt 19,384
Shopping: nt 15,080 including postal
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch
No: 8
Name: Tory Burch Amanda Foldover Messenger Bag
Price: us 435 + tax, about NT nt 14,665
Shopping: nt 11,580 including postal
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, dust bag pouch



Tory Burch is again addictive little homey boutique part of the ~
Participate in this weekend as there are discounts Oh
No: 9 (left section)
Name: Tory Burch Robinson French Purse (elephant gray color in the new folder),
Price: us185 + tax, about NT nt 6,236
Shopping: nt 5,280 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, storage boxes
No: 10 (Right models)
Name: Tory Burch Robinson Foldable Card Case (elephant gray new color card)
Price: us95 + tax, about NT nt 3,200
Shopping: nt 2,780 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, storage boxes
No: 11 (left section)
Name: Tory Burch Robinson Zip Wallet (multicolor optional)
Price: us 225 + tax, about NT nt 7,585
Shopping: nt 6,280 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, storage boxes
This is the home of the classic Tory Burch long clip, there are a variety of colors,
Interested friends can look at tory burch boots outlet

No: 12 (Right section)
Name: Tory Burch Stacked Logo Zip Continental Wallet (2012 new long clip)
Price: us 195 + tax, about NT nt 6,580
Shopping: nt 5,580 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift bags, storage boxes

No.: 13
Name: Tory Burch Robinson Transit Pass Holder (practical passport holder multicolor optional)
Price: us95 + tax, about NT nt 3,200
Shopping: nt 2,880 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift wrap

No.: 14
Name: Tory Burch Robinson Slim Card Case (brightly colored travel card folder)
Price: us 85 + tax, about NT nt 2,880
Shopping: nt 2,480 Post-containing
Note: Tory Burch gift wrap

Number: 15
Name: Tory Burch Cole Enamel Stud Earring (2012 new lake blue earrings)
Price: us 68 + tax, about NT nt 2,300
Shopping: nt 2,000 with Post
Note: Tory Burch gift wrap

No.: 16
Name: Tory Burch Eddie Ballet Flat (2012 new color)
Price: us 178 + tax, about NT nt 6,000
Shopping: nt 4,980 shoebox containing postal Included
Note: One size recommended Oh Canada,
Eddie Ballet cortex is very soft, the most suitable to wear this one plane
TB can point into the United States according to the official website to see the shoes fine

No.: 17
Name: Tory Burch Karissa espadrille (2012 new)
Price: us 195 + tax, about NT nt 6,574
Shopping: nt 5,580 shoebox containing postal Included


These are Carol last weekend part Tory Burch purchasing

Everyone's favorite Tory Burch Reva Flats ....
Carol has been asked, department stores with Tory Burch's flagship store even brand activities,
This classic sheep leather shoes, is never really Cannian discount ....

Tory Burch stroll U.S. official website


Share - I love supplies. Shoes class. Part 1

Share - I love supplies. Shoes class. Part 1

Originally're not going to share my shoes, but because today to buy a pair of good shoes like, so this immediately been born out of [(rock on!)] Haha!
Speaking of shoes, although not a lot, but my sister and I together home two shoe stuffed, but really not easy to buy a good pair of shoes, so I admit to not look good after the discovery of a lot of shoes to buy wear, put the number of just a minority, so most shoes just good on the cupboard, especially my sister's high heels (thinking) she ordered online a lot of double is not very often wear , has been placed in the cabinet depriving no place to put my shoes (no talking)] so to buy a good pair of shoes, the most important thing is to be thousands of years wild, high comfort scraping feet




Suede flat-bottomed burgundy shoes ? from Zara
First double share of course, just to start, it is full of love, wine red cheap tory burch bags are very popular this year, this round flat shoes with cats pattern, but I was on the cats pattern not love, and I do not want to wear only a season or two is not popular, and this very dual meet my requirements, the The burgundy suede looks low-key but there is a little brisk, but the price is not expensive, only $ 299!! However, it is little regret, because my feet are relatively small (usually a pair of shoes size is usually 35 or 36), this dual code is at least 36 but I wear a little loose, you need to add insoles! But on the whole I these shoes are really satisfied with a wear liked (love struck) friends who are interested to hurry go look zara quickly out of stock




The leather tassels Flats ? from Rabbit
This pair bought today Spring Clearance prices are low (probably more than one hundred), very good with the cortex very soft will not scratch feet, I will wear it often hurry to go out! This dual color is also very good, grayish deep dark green, wanted to buy a dark brown stock, results bought this pair is also very good with today to Rabbit walking in a circle, and it is greatly reduced price, in fact, a good pair of bow flat shoes but the zara pair more attractive [(big grin)]


Cortex neutral bandage boots ? from nearly YATA food court of a shop selling Japanese goods (Sha Tin)
haha write when found never to pay attention to what that store, the title is so long [(smug)] are mostly in that store window shopping, because that store is selling Japanese goods, clothes are a little expensive, this pair is just off the code Specials chance to get it half price is $ 600, this pair really is very good with clothes, not mistaken if bought it the year before, in the past two years, I am sure that at least quarter days are wearing it, because it is a good leather so often wears will not mildew, basically a lot of style with these shoes, and also good to wear all day, walking not will be tired, really love it, it was perfect in my mind, I hope that it can support a decade or two, or I'm worried not to find a substitute.




Purple WL574 ? from New Balance
Really want to complain, often on facebook see them launch new products are only men, only a men's style with color I like, really makes me very happy to LA!
In fact, a long time ago, I had a fancy pair of gray 420, but it is the Korean version (worried)] results attention for quite a while, and finally I like women's Tory Burch Reva Flats baked pastel color 574, 3 colors (purple, light blue, pink), although no gray 420 most want to go to Korea hopes also will be sold, but this purple 574 is not bad, in fact, more women really new balance installed in fb, I often see the girls message said "only Men" to prove that the market demand is great, but the best is the Korean version of the Hong Kong also have to sell, because the Korean version of the color look great

I hope everyone likes to share today, four pairs of shoes =)