One of my love brands--Christian Louboutin

One of my love brands--Christian Louboutin

There used to be many times has a impulse to write fashion blog
Write down my fashion, mood and attitude
Typing but I don't understand, so can only write a diary
But blog is more convenient, and can upload fotos
So finally today darling,
Began to write my fashion Internet diary *
Hope I can keep going on it:)


Christian Louboutin
It's interesting, I like the word Christian is interested in
Christian dior, Christian lacroix, catch to CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN FLATS are all my beloved
Anyway, it is my dream shoes louboutin shoes
Remember a long time ago, I like to play polyvole,
Inadvertently found a pair of graceful shoes to me,
Behind the brown red soles, 12 cm high, there is also a very exaggerated but is very beautiful very have administrative levels feeling high up
At that moment, I love it by first sight!!!!!!!!!!!
Namely lauboutin, let I to the devil wears prada, blue
But such a pair of beautiful high up in the price really is too much,,


My classic louboutin high up in *


Taken by David Lynch * the works of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PUMPS
Even men's cut through the red bottom louboutin black characteristics *


Have time to look at his website, is also very interesting oh ~
HTTP: / / http://www.christianlouboutin.com/


and my wardrobe diary today: