2012 Winter Winter short hair cute & pretty

Hello Who says autumn into the winter has not have short hair! ! Scarf outfit is the time

autumn and winter short hair with a heavy bob neat tailoring mainly

Entrer des mots clefs

looks neat, yet cute but

also without losing the elegance of the little woman

let us look at the transformation of the former's short hair style ghd iv styler right

haircut the Matou itself is very beautiful, but the wrong length hair but let

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beautiful slightly covered

is personality of the girls

but the personality does not mean that little girls!

him, but very small girls breath it

Next we look at him we sent

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asymmetrical bob body exposed pretty face

little face the moment of feeling

personality US glance the

Matou but very favorite of his side Oh

right side of it is bob very basic

soft with the personality of this perfect fusion together

is not beautiful

Entrer des mots clefs

this is the usual finishing appearance and another for a different kind of feeling stuffed ears!

( ghd hair straightener )

Entrer des mots clefs

hair style changes RanDy to help her cook blocks streaked

lower teeth on the planning of the hairstyle allows

Earrings can show not only the United States and the United States

also allows the style points
next go to the Matou

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she is a physical education teacher,

a long-haired she finally cut short this Hello

Randy, but efforts almost a year bobbed

finally He promised in the Hello

first take a look at the photo haircut before

hair fine hair so less

of course, long hair, long hair flowing, beautiful But

facial lines slightly no modification to the


Entrer des mots clefs

simple shear Hello

have not become pure and lovely

children must be very like her

hair color part of in order to create a more generous feeling

to the neck area hair piece dark coloring to

create the starting amount more lucrative the feeling

and the lines of my face because of the short hair contour modification

like automatic retouching as beautiful

Is not it lovely

Entrer des mots clefs

put a life shine finishing are good

Although the boyfriend getting a little concerned about the short hair

Kazakhstan but scissors finished, but let him love endless

see photos and more flash know

winter short hair temporarily to

please continue to look forward to updated information!

Come and change the hairstyle change is not as mood