✿ * ゚ cute and comfortable ❤ LeBunny Bleu buck shoes

✿ * ゚ cute and comfortable ❤ LeBunny Bleu buck shoes
With the opening of Hysan Place
"LeBunny Bleu" officially stationed in Hong Kong, but also have a physical store!
Today finally have the opportunity to "LeBunny Bleu" it

I love the sub shop decoration Yeah!
Powder blue cute ❤


And you will see a window above it
Couple that with stripes Tory Burch Chelsea Flat of wood design, like a log cabin Yeah

And there is a sub shop peripheral corner feeling good pastoral life
A flower, a flower of the bottle and poured cute TV
Favorite is "Welcome to Bunny"

Plantronics colored wall paintings powder it good
Says that "Romantic Vintage"
Is the name of the shoes series
And good with her family this quarter produced the shoes too!

Hee! Good store design style Korean Feel it
Recent simply love
Lovely Feel, forest department's Feel with small animals (rabbits Aberdeen) ❤


The store design is good even countertops beautiful ah! ! !
I can take that two rabbits do? Haha ~ ~ ❤

Speaking before this summer, Rabbit series all of them have good shoes pink color Plantronics Yeah!
Go to the edge, are seeing the emergence of candy colors ❤

I like that like pink soled shoes on grass ah!
So comfortable, and I have never tried this type of Tory Burch Kaitlin Flat shoe it ~

There are many spring and summer series canvas shoes EGL feeling!
There are national colors, minimalist lines Feel the fabric
And sailors Feel it!

In fact, I have a good Zhongyi pairs!
In particular, the sailor shoes, good comfort with a leisurely
While the red is good enough Sharp, but the Department of Haojing ah!
Even simple style, you will feel very comfortable look
Do not feel monotonous
In addition to casual style
It also has a series of gentle
Ha! I surf the Internet to shop most of the styles seen
Favorite is the middle above the shop, most gentle pair


Haha, but put on after reality with fantasy always have a little distance
The original now I can not wear too gentle friends!
Because I am not going to work as before friends wear Suit
If you really need to wear it, I'll take it home, hee hee ❤

There is also a lot of good shops distinctive style ah!
Like the shoes on both sides are transparent, but the toe is the Leopard
Decorative pink toe that it is Bunny logo

Rabbit without you will see in your neighborhood
Toe have different designs Bunny head, hee
Last season's styles are trial!
You will like the pair? ? ❤
Feel that section of the original neutral pink dress shoes, wear up are a few Haojing Wai ~ ~
Finally, I still Target of this classic buck shoes ❤


This time chose black and white, it is more prone shirt
And shoes are also ❤ starry studs
I increased the fashion sense of
I think this pair of shoes belonging to mint
By the lovely feeling exacerbated by little by little taste it, hee!
Thought, even the shoe is so cute ah!
The same is powder blue with white words with rabbit pattern ❤

Laugh, everywhere it is the sign of Rabbit!
Shoes have never thought it marks?
But fortunately did not affect the comfort of the shoes

The soles are also carefully designed
With the name of the company LOGO bump for non-slip coated Yeah!
Cute ❤

I know some friends afraid to wear flat Tory Burch Pacey Flat shoes
Because a long dress, feet Chai Not comfortable


But buck shoes are not afraid of it
It has padded bottom of it!
According to the design of foot, heel portion of the foot will be higher Yeah! ❤

And the inside has one raised dot
Like in the massage it, good comfortable ah!
I feel so positive it ❤ ❤
Each pair of shoes also comes with a bag, to facilitate collection of shoes ah!
Even this is also printed on the bag designs, whether so sweet it? !
Laugh, love ❤
Laugh, to a multi-angle photos now!
Although it is flat shoes, feeling a little Cacual
But Jiuzheng because previously mentioned cheap tory burch wedges sense studs aggravated Rock
And I chose black and white, quietly stylish little taste of it? ❤ ❤

Haha, really happy to speak with the clerk kept it!
For this particular point buck shoes to wear casual clothing
But also on the election bright colors, plus a point Plantronics pink color
Finally, I chose black and white shoes
But that is not too surprised by the contrast color
Still cross the border! ❤
Because. . The secret lies in the white rabbit head
Pulled down the Contrast friends!


Hee! ! ! After either wear light-colored clothing or dark clothing
I can also coupled with this matter ❤ shoes
It is very convenient and easy lining? !
All in all, I really like this "LeBunny Bleu" shoes ah!
Because in the chosen way, has been so happy after the discovery of foot wear good comfortable ah!
Some shoes even particularly thick bottom, like riding in the sponge on the soft Plum Plum feeling.

The most appreciate its design, material take into account everyone's both good foot health
Absolutely believe is designed shoe is constructed as the first, second style of
I love this family's intentions abreast heart!

Aberdeen foot wear for a few days also are not sick, you can skip tory burch wedges outlet along it, hee! ! !

In fact, apart from this I have chosen the classic buck shoes outside
I've liked several of the Shang Hao!
How to do it! Want to buy a few more pairs of it, ha ha!

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