George Goodwin Kilburne .... Seven Pounds is given to us in the sublunary world And every time you're in a different form ...




Seven Pounds is given to us in the sublunary world
And every time you're in a different form:
Blade of grass, wood, and even in the heavenly expanse,
Spread their wings and soar eagle!

What are you - a flower, a butterfly flutter,
Was speaking out proudly, royally - lion!
That blue-eyed virgin younger
On someone else's happiness is the best of the DEV!

Was you who il than who will say exactly?
Shall not apply to the wise men!
Oh, if the berry, the most tender, juicy,
Oh, if the bird - the glory of heaven!
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Not just a tree, and a proud cypress,
Not just a cat, and the wife of a lion,
Not just a woman - beauty, queen,
Who does not subside song-rumor!

What does it mean to the world of a woman suddenly appear?
Oh, it's a heavy cross, hard work!
It can only be recouped LOVE,
It forces draw, dream and live.





by fabian perez paintings for sale


Master Thomas Kinkade painted light show different The Princess and the Frog

"Painted Light Masters" (Thomas Kinkade), is an American artist living in most collectors welcome. His paintings with vivid colors and soft light Zhucheng. Impressionist style works well as a mix of traditional American landscape painting. He works mostly in the garden scene, creek, rural cottages, etc. mainly.

Thomas Kinkade's paintings, which presented to me the feeling that warm and poetic; are romantic and pure; jump but is dynamic; are beautiful but simple; especially those that use of color, like a dream magic. Make you unconsciously into his painting the mood among long aftertaste look after.

Kinkade was born in 1958 in a small town in California, after graduating from high school to enter the University of California, Berkeley, School of Art studying, because after two years but dropped out to join Ralph Bakshi Studio. In the small town of Pleasant Verdes, California formative years, the juvenile Thomas has set a series of simple affirmation of faith in the concept of life, and this belief in his future life and the creation of which had a tremendous impact. As a devout Christian, Thomas used his artistic talent as a communication and dissemination of values ​​that establish his adolescence affirmation of life tool.

After entering adulthood, Thomas began almost fanatical explore the world around them. He spent a summer time and a college friend to go out sketching, and subsequently published a best-selling book called "painter painting Guide". This book makes selling two fledgling young artists get the Ralph Bakshi studio's favor, in 1983 hired Thomas attended the animated film "Fire and Ice" production studio in the background. Soon, Thomas began to explore depict obsessed light, shadow and mystery of the world's imagination, and began a wonderful creation of the painting process. When he was finished after the production company's work Bakshi, Thomas began a career as a professional painter and gallery throughout California to sell their original paintings. Since then, he began to sell his work, has become a real painting by a living artist. And it is during this period that he has been "painted light person" nickname.


And Thomas Kinkade also created a series of works associated with Disney, like [Snow White], [Cinderella], [Peter Pan], [Pinocchio] there Disneyland in gray girls castle and so on. And now Thaoms  Kinkade latest work is the Disney The Princess and the Frog  [annual] masterpiece, this picture is very interesting, not only to Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana appeared together hand in the lower left there is a frog lovers lovely image, as well as the fairy godmother Mama Odie, love jazz crocodile Michael-Leon Wooley, such as the role of the ship and even play signs have appeared!

● closer to appreciate 

Thomas Kinkades paintings The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog.jpg

● Kinkade's website wrote:

In The Princess and the Frog, my first painting for a Disney new release, the characters of the movie swirl about the composition, inviting us to ponder the part each plays in the story. We see the large mansion of Big Daddy, resplendent with an evening’s party on the bayou. The old riverboat churns its way into the bay as a flight of fireflies flickers overhead, and Ray, the senior statesman of the fireflies, ponders the vista. In an example of the blended time frame for which my Disney paintings are known, we see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen being observed by the frogs who are Tiana and Naveen in a different form. In the billowing smoke of the riverboat we see a hint of Facilier, the evil voodoo master, while below Mama Odie stands guard in her swampy home. Lewis [sic], the trumpet playing alligator, reminds us that New Orleans is at heart a musical city, and the riverboat guests behind him wave greeting to one and all. If you look carefully, you can spot other characters from the movie hidden around the composition, as well as a few unexpected “Disney visitors” from earlier classics.

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