If Kazakhstan or Armenia want to dig their own graves - why impede?

Limitotrophs think they are blackmailing Russia. In fact, they deprive their peoples and the state of the future

The events in Armenia are only a part of the color mosaic, a kind of wandering vector, painfully searching for an exit. Exit from the close framework of small countries to wide open spaces, over which the sun would never set. Russia possesses such expanses, so the invisible force component of all these wandering vectors, symbolizing the allegedly unspent people's energy, is directed there.

In this sense, it is not so important how Armenia will end, by victory or defeat, over itself or over enemies, internal or external. It is important how Russia treats all this bacchanalia.

Let's analyze.

One of the most discussed events of recent years is the "victory" of the Supreme Armed Forces over the Russian Armed Forces in the Donbass, where the Russian army, it turns out, never came. Perhaps, for all the controversy, we should admit: the Russian army really did not show up, it's not there (#itamnet #), and will never come. The process goes by itself in full accordance with the Chinese strategist: we wait for the corpse of the enemy to swim across the Dnieper. In the meantime, we reasonably hope for the strength of a well-trained army of Novorossia and put into operation the Zhuravka-Millerovo bypass with a length of 137 km. In any case, it does not hurt, the more roads, the better.

However, Ukraine stands apart, including from Georgia, and even from Armenia. These, although Orthodox, but ethnically "nebirya" unconditionally. Apart from Belarus, Belarus, as well as Ukraine, standing in line in the "nebirya" conditional, stands apart. Here the events are waiting for their turn, with their own specific script, most likely already written on the tablets of the near future. In the meantime, Belarus trembles in the strong embrace of the union state, though not on subsidies, but on significant economic preferences precisely. Life shows that preferences before subsidies (or promises of subsidies) sometimes cost nothing, so the hope is only for the sanity of the brothers of Belarusians who have a living example right under their side.

However hopes are hopes, but it is necessary to prepare, because it will be necessary. Also, as it is already necessary to prepare for a tough scenario in neighboring Kazakhstan, firmly grasped for "throat" with a remarkable grip of potential overseas sanctions, already tested on the accounts of its Central Bank. How to prepare, is clearly demonstrated by the plans for the construction of bypass roads RZD, which I suddenly discovered when drawing up a list of large Russian projects until 2030:

1. item 54. The Communist Line - the Nomadic (with the bypass of Kazakhstan)

The future railroad with a total length of 131 km. Will be laid on the territory of Volgograd and Astrakhan regions. Should solve the strategic task of launching railway traffic on the Pallasovka-Akhtuba railroad, bypassing the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. item 62. The line Konovalovo-Nazyvayevskaya-Tatar (with the bypass of Kazakhstan)

The future railroad with a total length of 585 km. Will be laid on the territory of the Kurgan, Tyumen, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions. It is necessary to solve the strategic tasks of launching the railway traffic on the territory of Russia bypassing the Petropavlovsk railway junction located on the territory of Kazakhstan.

In addition, there are indirect signs of resistance to Russia's participation in various Chinese plans for the silk road passing through Kazakhstan. Resistance goes, including, and on a line of the contribution of the parties. For example, the road in Kazakhstan has already been laid completely by the forces of Chinese enterprises, but rested in the Russian border. Further it is not built at all, since Russia insists on building by its own forces and only with partial Chinese financing. This is correct, but for China it is a prohibitive condition, since the Middle Kingdom wants to control the whole way. Therefore, the Kazakh section, apparently, will remain a dead end. But there is a road map bypassing Kazakhstan and there the Chinese are, where to turn around, Russia seems to be somewhat more accommodating.
Dancing Girl

The same, by the way, and with the railways, both freight and passenger, including, and high-speed. All are designed to bypass the territories of the post-Soviet countries. Apparently, an analogy is working here with the GTS of Ukraine, which wants not only to earn on transit (read, for free), but also to be able to speculate with its monopoly position, already virtually destroyed by the "northern streams".

Victor Brauner
So, does Russia preemptively isolate itself from one of its closest partners in the customs union? For the sake of justice it is necessary to recognize: "the nearest partner in the customs union" was the first to take the initiative, and already relatively long and extremely consistently. Including in the railways, which are built around Russia, without the participation of Russia and in many respects in contrast to Russia. Moreover, the roads are built according to European standards with a width of 1435 mm. Against this background, plans for romanization


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