UGG Lover

The warmth of the mind is a kind of difficult to grasp difficult LiuNan homing feeling

But, on the warm and actually can be a simple matter

Buy a cup of hot chocolate warm hand,

Ear wear warm feather ear muff,

Body put on a mother homespun warmth CARDS,

Neck tie a warm wool neckerchief...

On the leg wear can be... A pair of soft wool boots

* * *


UGG, from Australia brand

Be skillful in shop to buy shoes SIS must not strange...

Me? The knowledge of it began in December 8 of this EVENT


* * *

The most common design... Easy supplement of

* * *

To have little flower a coincidence



High and low barrel of all available young...

Color is also more than imagined ~

* * *


Exterior close to see boots on weekdays


Of course linings backing is still soft feather...


Compare the more traditional impression XueXue ugg boots sale money, these a few be ~ on the vision of the intellectual man fit to choose


And tassels money... (large hot purple ~ ~ ~)


Outside in style, more more more important materials...

I put my feet inserted in the fitting, more understand why Japan sister so love the brand...

The sole plugged into boots by the beginning, is a kind of melted feeling...

Step on the interior thick feather, has long been surrounded by warm...

PR said, if don't wear socks would be better... !!!!!

Well... ... ... To my own couple will:)

* * *

See and sight...

My pictures less a few boots

Well, the top official photos

Feather money... (real boots than official photos come beautiful certainly took.



Lattice young ~


Short body feather money...


* * *

UGG Australia this year more repackaging Tsim Sha Tsui Canton road lane crawford point of sale





* * *

Well well well... (nod nod.

Read the new packaging...

Don't know why... The brain suddenly think of a childhood read lesson books

Zheng people have and buy the shoe, since the first degree of foot and Ugg boots Fox Fur Short place of its sit, to the city and forget the operation, already have to shoe, but yue: "I forget the degrees." Back to take, and reverse, "city, hence not shoe. People yue: "why don't you try with foot?" Yue: "better reliability, no confidence also."

Want to buy shoes,... "Why don't you try with foot?"

Buy after UGG, finally can sat silently low... Try to rock go first la!

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