People often say that the old "shoes always good".

Stare shoes revival after the 2000 wave of a new group, the retro indicators steering the Shoegazing really let this trend disappeared after a few years almost no one brought Lova be re-evaluated when everyone than anyone else to learn like predecessors When predecessors back expectations getting fatter. Not long ago in Japan issued SHOEGAZER DISC GUIDE with various activities to wake up to these expectations, CLUB AC30 Joint the Chapterhouse Japan Tour stare shoes lie simply in disguise, this time in Japan just seen selling tickets message would instantly go convenience The store tickets luck to see when the regiment charisma may be difficult to have it.

Ebisu LIQUID ROOM show is the first game of the tour, the entire traveling together with another German electronic music artist Ulrich Schnauss performances, this group's opening even added Fleeting Joys, said multiple desire to meet again. Took the opportunity to observe the scene around waiting to buy the audience, most of them are younger, dress also very similar in Taiwan The Wall will go is not the same, but for all the language really kind of did not go abroad illusion. Occasionally catch a glimpse of a white-haired middle-aged man, imagine after work come tory burhch outlet flats quickly put on clothes, T-Shirt, wearing Joy Division's Unknown Pleasure cover admission quickly seize live like seat, so that the youth of Europe The Giresun really rare. Floor by CLUB AC30 DJ who play the the Shoegazing classic songs of each period, Ride, Slowdive, Boo Radleys, Pale Saints staggered across time and space such as Asobi Seksu, Airiel play really great sound could not help but wear earplugs ear, mood excited excited.


Fleeting Joys

If the past few years which new group of Americans most like to learn the science of My Bloody Valentine, Fleeting Joys must be the first few to be mentioned by name. First time to listen to their own debut album Despondent Transponder Shihai could not help but muse, "Are you really a big fan of" MBV relationship, this is difficult to buy the album at the show in Japan, retransmission, before waiting for a long time can not The arrival of the things you can easily buy also round one wish.

Performance time to the three team members took office, large projection screens behind shines flame corrugated image, when that drum noise is a reminder to go with the image quite a bonus effect, although only three people simple preparation powerful full. Second album had not even heard cooked, most of the live songs is no impression of the state, the sound of each instrument are clearly presented the female vocalist Rorika singing still, like silencer has been to get out tracks will often drag a bit long , after the the segment equipment out point makes a kind of feeling that just lit the fire and dashed. Heard I Want More Life, the waves of sound walls, as well as a new album after the segment back to stare at the root causes of shoes initial fresh guitar music still feel my heart throbbing. The overall performance is probably only to pass the degree, I hope to have the opportunity to see them and vindicated this time impression.


Ulrich Schnauss

Beforehand fully heard, from Germany's Ulrich Schnauss, this time together with the original Opus III female vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw partner performance. The central field set up more than one computer instrument, the background curtain projector turned into street shoot like Bus Street walk scene. How this artist will perform together with Shoegazing group? At first glance, seems to be independent of his electronic sound stack components to import lot stare shoe practices., Japan gave a "Electro-Shoegazer" called. Watched him wrapped up in the equipment in his back to the audience bouncing keyboard, this look also quite Shoegazer.

Kirsty Hawkshaw its unique voice doing the singing two songs to add a bit dreamy floating sense of the music of our some elements of the natural environment, and take a bow after the female lead singer, becomes Ulrich Schnauss personal show. Shuttle repeatedly in various urban and rural streetscape Ambient lay is stare after the outbreak of the shoe style sweet melody, vaguely drift a little breath of German progressive rock sound field effect also reflect subtle changes in the particle excellent performance compared to normally out of the situation. The Fleeting Joys good.

The performance ended in front of a seemingly サ KANA ku シ ョ ン the lead singer Yamaguchi Ichiro young audience reviews hand on the phone immediately played peek at a few Wow really is art! Body with all your soul steeped in the electrical fluctuations gift in the sense of European style streets of bliss, just pick out the phrase I think with his hands seems you do not have to say any more what. I am sorry I can not pay you royalties, but I will buy the new album grow with you much like the people in the group.



When the DJ put Mew Am I Wry? No, and finally turn today's main show to: Chapterhouse debut. To be in their own favorite the Shoegazing album heard Ranking Chapterhouse's debut album the Whirlpool will definitely inside the top ten. With the then prevailing Manchester dance wave, sweet melodies dancing in the fog a vast territory inside the Breather, Pearl, Falling Down stare shoes are never tired of hits. Second album Blood Music excessively toward the dance was to bad reviews, the loss of the original fans plus members getting students rift and took to the dissolution of fate. Now members again composed of age have not, but when that guitar and what I believe they feel as if the audience back to that 18 years ago, the trend also followed to travel back in time along with dance, even if only pure memory of the past, it will be enough for all of us.

The staggered opening of noise when playing three guitars, a veteran really is different, without the aid of any image projector, light voice took the audience excited blooded. Repertoire more to Whirlpool, Blood Music is only two, 80% of the audience who do not want to hear the song too Blood Music. The first two Treasure people quite touched by the Treasure the middle of the guitar solo is very tear Falling Down, Falling Down, so the venue into a dance floor. Staggered each other with three guitars division of signs skills in addition to double the lead singer Stephen and Andrew, the rhythm team accidental quite striking, from the vibrant dance rhythms keyed Chenhuan remake, even is the Autosleeper by static rotating rapidly change There are no less favorable than the the station first two eye-catching. If necessary electrical sound substrate with Girl with Ulrich Schnauss and Kirsty Hawkshaw will once again played with the entire field in this match four. Behind was also high when playing to Breather and desperately crowded forward, then Andrew put on a series of two acoustic guitar Come Heaven In My Arms quiet dreamy track to make a soothing noise before. The classic song The Pearl Girls partly from Kirsty instead, I wish Rachel was also present along with the chorus of the song, the song itself do not have to say any more, hear thoughts addition to tears tears tears nothing. Finally by Blood Music Love Forever last song for the end of the first stage, the poignant chorus of stage two, not like Blood Music, this time from two performances but also just knowing the for.

After a series of clapping sound (the Japanese to see foreign corporations are not accustomed to shouting encore with desperately clapping instead) members soon debut, First If You Want Me, a sonic boom and then after the front-end guitar of fresh fried whole body dumb. The Last members who expressed his appreciation that they themselves did not expect to have together again one day performing the song tory burch boots at that time, LIQUID ROOM probably accommodate 900 people that day are completely filled with the state, but also to look at so many people Chapterhouse , although not willingly but has a fixed customer base environment for Japan what music there are people who listen to or admire. Finale Inside Of Me concludes, Ulrich Schnauss also play with this comeback tour first drew a dot.

Played when the ear is still humming, even if the the Chapterhouse phase for this big devil of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain just in the leader of the degree, can give severe efficacy shoe corporation who has transcended new stare stare shoes poisoning patients multiples . "Always old shoes good reason may be difficult to identify when the newly prefer groups turned or when the branch of the first-generation group, it can only follow the default.


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