Korean girls teach you how to do curls with straight h

The popular fashion curly hair, has been a lot of women like, but good curls in the hair salon styling will appear messy or less volume, sleep together, more or less deformed feeling, then curls in the end how to take care of how to make beautiful curls? Now ghd Pretty in Pink we work together to learn from Korean girls how to make beautiful curls with straight hair.
, The tips of the hair slightly within the volume straight curls


Step pictures


, Remove hair straightener head of hair straightened, evenly divided equally on the shoulders.

Hair straightening, hair straightener will be made ??within the C volume radian bend the tail, the hair of both sides of the case.

3, shape since the beginning of the volume in straight hair, remove the spray spraying, so that you can sunscreen moisturizer but also stereotypes.


Two slightly curled hair, coarse hair bundle


1, from the side of the insertion of volume degrees, remove hair straightener since cheekbones position, hot roll hair, the appropriate amount of hair bundles of hair more.

Straight hair bangs inserted radians hair more natural and beautiful.

3, appropriate spraying abundance of cream hair natural luster.


Step pictures


1, the hair is divided into a bunch of a bunch of fine hair, then use a hair straightener hot hair splitting volume, hair volume can circle about 5 laps.

2 hands smear abundance cream, catch the waves roll in with the palm of your hand.

Wavy hair after styling, rich layering, romantic and elegant Mature image.
Hairstyle diy exclusive hair straightener


1, the four functions one Straightener Easy Fun hairstyle ghd outlet.


2 shadow wave LCD a smart straight hair, short hair splints.


3, Yasuo thermostat anion hot Straightener hair straightener.

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