Victoria 's secret

Victoria 's secret

Know Victoria 's Secret, as is also the one or two years,
Everything comes from the other half for business between us and mention the brand, the results from the guide I "litre fairy"...
I especially love to buy their underwear, supporting force and the design is good, because they
As no cutting fabric and are comfortable to wear the appearance of [] (crying)



(the above picture reproduced from Victoria's Secret Swimear bikini official website)

You know many women underwear on the market is very bad to wear,
Retainer force better, sometimes hard to avoid can coarse shoes/hard collapses, strapped to my chest even breathing is difficult,
Want to comfortable? Most thin chit chit - flat collapse collapse, have a wash in the washing machine is finished.
(I'm not so good all props to wash hand wash/buy a stereotype,
Wear wea will only throw and buy some new... )
Has always been well-known wacoal, not bad to wear, but wear wear always think that it would "gives" and gradually deteriorates.
Then after a period of time, the cloth seems to be hardening, early by comfortable become uncomfortable (is my question: [(confused)])
As for a lot of "girl" promoting Peach John, SixtyEight, etc.,
I have no through the also don't have any intention to buy,
Because suddenly see their underwear, has felt material is very thin and rough,
Plus a cup type is small, it's hard to imagine the underwear can help women find beautiful "body"...
Until now, but VS underwear is really let me obedience,
I think they use the fabric is soft and elastic,
So is so tight the but again not surprising feel breath!!!!
Recently to help my mother buy a try, even her praise good XD
So hit VS female underwear in a foreign country, is, indeed, real.

In addition to the underwear, VS swimsuit is also make men and women see after all blood is hot.



(the above picture reproduced from Victoria 's Secret official website)

Although they have a lot of the design of the swimsuit is very beautiful, it is a pity that they sold most of sexy Victoria's Secret Bikini ,
Make "fertile" (sorry), such as the sheepare watching me, dare not/can wear what ~. ~"

Versus other clothing sometimes, of course, also have the price right and nice things,
Buy on sale (especially for more)
I recently bought some new pants, can wear ~ until New Year
(jeans don't remember oneself buy which one, can not find back to the original photograph, forget it ~)





(the above picture reproduced from Victoria 's Secret official website)

Victoria 's secret

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