erotic painting

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The erotic painting - or nude - focuses on the image of the unclothed human body in art. The term came in the context of portraiture in the early 19th Century and originally the most studied naked body positions and movements and their reproduction . Today the term is extended to all depictions of naked human body to the early time .

In the history of art is the nude one of the oldest and most diverse genres. The early history nudes known almost exclusively cultic and symbolic significance levels . The median age was nude for religious and moral reasons to only in exceptional cases . In the Renaissance nudes were often represented by classical models with allegorical and mythological significance. In Germany, the figure drawing was introduced as a subject of the Academies in 1662. Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer developed the nude as separate images with their own predictive value . Only with Auguste Rodin , the model was integrated into the artistic design by voting the positions themselves .

The nude has lost nothing of urgency and relevance Fabian Perez paintings today and exerts on the artists remains a major draw , always pushing the boundaries of what is permissible and good taste will be explored . Here are the matching images to : Canvas Art at WandbilderXXL .