Mostra di Roberto Budicin, Ottobre 2013


Ecco alcune foto della mostra di Roberto Budicin che si è tenuta dal 2 al 16 Ottobre nella Sala Comunale d' Arte di Trieste, in Piazza Unità. Critica dell'Architetto Marianna Accerboni.









"Depicts the artist ," the artist's fantasy Pushing Hands ─ ─ Liu Huan Xian

Liu Huan Xian paintingsArtists often walk a different attitude in the world , someone famous painting , it was dedicated to education , it was quiet and painting, it was also offered such as Liu Huan spare no effort for mentors , there is not much time to enjoy the fun of painting , but rather concentrate on building sway for artists stage , is committed to " gallery industries" of operation, the implementation of various domestic and international art fairs, to allow people to have more opportunities for art appreciation and collection .

1939 Born in Taoyuan County city of Liu Huan Xian , grew up on art full of interest , in primary school when it was showing off in this area long before , but Liu Huan Xian think junior is his life, the critical period , when his art teacher who now Cheng encourage him to continue their studies : "You should read the fine arts department after graduation ." With the teacher's affirmation, Liu Huan Xian stroke admitted to Taipei Teachers Arts , from entering the field of fine arts . Taipei Teachers After graduation, Youyi first volunteer admitted NTNU , eager to participate in various arts activities , both in art and design , creative advertising , pure painting has extraordinary performance.

" At that time, I can see the exhibition , there are games I will attend ." Works in the national art exhibition many times , after graduation, Liu Huan Xian taught at Freedom Middle School, was a time when Taiwan's economic take-off on the eve of SMEs flourish, requires a lot of art talent , Liu Huan Xian and others chose a different path , he entered the Chinese media company, graphic designer , the next year to become China plastic products printing design director , this subject is for 17 years, during which he frequently in advertising design competition winners have been awarded best China children's illustrator , Best Advertising Design Award and other awards .

However, Liu Huan Xian found that: " There was no art galleries, artists' works only in the Provincial Museum , Zhongshan Hall exhibits and other occasions , I have a lot of good juniors who are not exhibition venue , really a pity ." Liu Huan Xian Responding painter the lack of publication of the stage, so in 1979 , Liu Huan and offered Taipei Teachers Arts classmate Zhang Jinxing , embrace the ideals of art respectively, by the design community , to join the gallery decorating industry , the establishment of inter- building first " Apollo Gallery ."

Two years later, opened in Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Museum of the United States after the Provincial Taichung , and Kaohsiung Museum of Art opened in succession , Taiwan entered the era of museums . "At that time not only to become a painter galleries , collectors, art and mass of the bridge, also settled art paintings springboard " Liu Huan Xian remember that in the Republic 78 years later, the galleries a boom , and the entire building Neighbor head and tail together with at least more than 40 galleries . 1987 Liu Huan- owned establishment offering of the " East Gallery ," to exhibit Taiwanese old , young Chinese artists of three generations and oil paintings, watercolors , sculptures and works of art based, and published catalogs, promote art education and related cultural activities , led cultivate collection population brokers to establish cooperation mechanisms with the artist .

Liu Huan offer not only artistic talent , more business long before , he expanded the " gallery " is defined and the value : " cultivate artists , collectors, art lovers cradle , we have also developed a painting price list, genuine paintings authentication mechanism . " in addition, Liu Huan Xian is the introduction of art auctions and paintings restored first , he jokes that he is " painting Doctor " , and the first artists to help families Choushe private art galleries, such as Li Mei-shu Museum , Shih-chiao Gallery, elder Lee Gallery are running under his advent ; regularly organizes seminars and lectures, write books reviews, dedicated to improving the domestic arts environment ; 1994 Liu Huan offered to the international arena , as "Taipei International Art Fair " in the planning and convener , 1997 as the first " Art Galleries Association ROC " president, held every year "Taipei International Art Fair ."


Sally Swatland Along the Connecticut Shore
Liu Huan Xian open vanguard art history in Taiwan , as artists through the clutter and lay out a broad road , his efforts and persistence impressive , Liu Huan did not dare to offer itself as painter , he became the painter 's dream away, but others realize the dream of a painter " Help came from obscurity to fame of an artist , that is the biggest meet of my life ." he is a long history of an artistic fueled push hands, without pondering the art of diamonds in the rough worn and light and bright , so glittering artistic gem shine even more now .

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