Pin-up illustration of Gil Elvgren: fantasy and reality


American painter in the style of pin-up, Gil Elvgren, is considered one of the foremost artists of this style. Jill clearly understand the proportions of beauty and its criteria were simple: "fifteen years of a person's body on twenty years." He had a refined taste in the choice of women for their projects, and he never portrayed rock ladies. Gil heroine - a neighbor girl who often caught off guard during the piquant situations: the wind lifted her skirt, dog Zadran hem, hook over the fence edge of the dress. Suggest you read some of the works of the artist and appreciate the beauty of attractive women of the time!


Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914 - February 29, 1980) was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. After high school, Jill begins to study art at the Minneapolis Art Institute. Many of his classmates, as he did, in the future to get a job at Coca-Cola.


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After graduation in '22 Elvgren arranged by the artist in one of Chicago's most prestigious advertising agencies, Louis F. Dow. The agency, he became a protégé of the legendary Haddon Sundblom, who became famous for his Coca-Cola Santa.


Working in the shop Haddon, Jill also participated in the creation of advertising Coca-Cola. A Sandblom, who graduated from the American Academy of Fine Arts, teaches him his special technique through which girls Elvgrena turned into a luminous miracle.


Around 1944 it says Brown & Bigelow, a leader in the production of calendars and advertising. They offered him $ 1000 for one illustration pin-up, which is significantly more than the Dow, and the ability to sign their work.


Under the terms of the contract with B & B Elvgren must draw 20 girls a year since Kovboysha and ending sirens. Watching the models with energy and interest, he chose just beginning her modeling career girls.


Elvgren is considered one of the most important pin-up artists of the twentieth century, and his work influenced illustrators such as Charles Dana Gibson, Andrew Loomis and Howard Chandler Christy. The artist made a huge number of illustrations from Coca-Cola and General Electric and finishing drawings for magazines and short stories, but most of his work became known for Coca-Cola.


















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