Woman of Mystery artist Roman Garasyuty (Roman Garassuta)

Roman Garasyuta was born in 1958 in Moscow. finished
Kharkov Art Institute.

In his paintings come to life myths and legends
the music and poetry. In an effort to express on canvas awesome,
unpredictable world Women and unique artistic style was born Roman
Garasyuty which harmoniously combines realism, abstraction and romanticism.

His works are in private collections in France, UK, Germany,
USA, Canada, Australia, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, and Ukraine.
Brad Robertson paintings


"As a woman puzzle to solve?"
From age to age men ponder.
Answer and still not see,
Cupid arrows pierce our hearts.
What a woman captivates us men:
Look, gait, fleeting smile?
The answer is somewhere nearby, step one,
Chagall and, alas, again the error ...
Errors over the centuries do not count,
That we men are stupid commit,
And that mystery, as before, ie,
The answers to which we do not know.
Or maybe it is not necessary to look for us:
There is no answer at the woman puzzles
Stronger better sweet hug,
Cling to his lips, that timid and sweet.
Love riddle - the diva with all my heart,
So voluptuously heart sank,
Love is pure, delicate, ethereal.
Sorry, just for the love of life is not enough.













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