A landscape ... The French artist Marcel DYF (1899 - 1985

A landscape ... The French artist Marcel DYF (1899 - 1985)

A landscape ...
French artist Marcel Dyf

Often shows a picture of the artist, depicting women and flowers, they are charming .a I like landscapes Marcel Dyf.


Marseille Dif (fr. Marcel Dyf, pres. The name of Marcel Dreyfus) - French painter, was born in Paris, October 7, 1899 in a family of industrialists from Alsace. In his youth, he became interested in the visual arts, especially the "tight", he met with such directions as Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. They also identified further his individual style.




In the early 20-ies. Dif decides to become an artist. Financial security Difa certainly helped him in his creative development as well as how to get rid of his problems he banal search of livelihood, which often puts an end to the hopes of many beginners in the art.
In 1923 he moved to Arles (Provence), where to buy the studio and begins what is called a technique to turn out (perhaps even more fanatically) - he develops a new genre for his landscape.
Dif studied painting independently - ie was essentially self-taught artist. Over the next 13 years he lived in Arles, until his return to Paris in 1935





During World War II he joined the Resistance and lived in Correze.
After the war, Dif exhibited his work in major cities of France. In 1950 he bought the studio in Cannes, where he met his future wife, Claudine (who became his constant model). At the time of dating Claudine was 19 years old - 36 years less than Difu. They married in 1965, and Claudine, among other things, dedicated her life to endless travel, as Dif constantly in need of new sites for inspiration.




Memberships L'Ecole Francais contributed to the rapid glorification Difa as an artist outside of France, and increase the number of his exhibitions abroad. In general, a lot of Dif exhibited in prestigious galleries in France (Salon des Artistes Francais, Salon d'Automne, Salon des Tuilleries), as well as in the US and the UK.
"Crown" theme Difa: bouquets of flowers, landscapes of Provence and Brittany, scenes from the life of Roma and young girls (which he wrote with his wife Claudine voey).
Temporary grounds Marcel Difa should be ranked as the concept of "modern art". He lived and worked in the twentieth century., When the new dominant artistic direction "sacrificed" previous literally something a few years. Their creative ideas, he began to develop at a time when the directions on which he relied, seemed hopelessly "revenge." Moreover, moving Dif rather go back to the development of world art - ie from postimpessionizma to Impressionism.




His works can be found postimpessionisticheskih parallels with M. Utrillo and A. Lebaskom, while impressionistic layer Difa based on creative discoveries A. Sisley, who used the same way, for example, F. Picabia (initially) the same A . Lebask. But if Picabia only started from Impressionism (then changing creative vectors with fantastic speed), the Dif, rather it ended. And although his impressionistic Difa model can not be considered "classic", as it was still they upgraded it, in a sense, can be called a conservative artist. In any case, Marcel Dif found his creative niche and recognition, even if not as loud as those who experimented more or simply been "on the wave."









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