Write me a letter about the snowdrop in April ...

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Write me a letter about the snowdrop in April ...







I, perhaps, your happiness,
I dream, a piece of light,
Light beam at the time of bad weather,
And in the night cool summer ...

I was born out of the cloud,
And the seven-color rainbow
Appeared above the earth,
Waiting for you and words Privetnoye.

Here spring is raced,
Where are you looking for your miracle?
I'm not povstrechalals,
Come in out of nowhere ...

Go back to that time,
In this world, on this earth,
Throwing the burden of the past
I love you as a gift object ...

Where you wander around the planet,
My luck is not with me.
We are together responsible for everything,
So appointed destiny ...


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Write me a letter about the snowdrop in April,
Tell me how to care and beckons spring,
Our time is running, slowly aging,
But your handwriting is still crazy.

Write me a poem about love and separation,
And about the milky, shimmering stars path
Reach out through a network of his warm hand
And forget about the fact that he could not return.

And forget about that stood between us,
What prevented to see, hear, understand,
The fact that so between the lines all the time flashed,
In subtle insults tried to scream.

Everything will pass, flashes, sweep, will rush,
Only way to remain distant, native.
Trickle of warm words to me dostuchitsya,
And, as before, I will call for you.

Write me a letter about the snowdrop in April,
Write about love (and about what else?)
It's only a little time getting older,
Well, we, as before, we live in the spring.


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Write me a letter - as familiar to me.
If past again knocked on the window.
I will answer you. Again, no answer
I will live with clouds sinking to the bottom.

"Write me a letter," - you ask me often.
But you can not see, hear, understand ...
"Why?" - I ask between the lines. But to no avail.
However, you promise to tell me everything.

Write me a letter! Tenderly, passionately, passionately
Write me! On the books. About dreams. About love.
But the answer comes. And it becomes clear
What do best to remain silent. Alas.

Again night. Silence. Even light monitor.
Thoughts fight: when I write again
Anyone who read the book in the window on behind the curtain?
Anyone who believed in love. Write me a letter ...


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Write me a letter
I do not believe the calls and visits
The time is coming
Get even a little debt
Even if the rains,
Even if it comes late
Write me what you love,
And if you do not like - Lie
Write me what you love,
And if you do not like - Lie

Write me now
Do not delay, before dawn.
Like a dead bird,
Lie on the ground of the city
Write me a letter,
even if you do not want to answer
Write me a letter
even if you do not remember where
Write me a letter
even if you do not remember where

I forgot about everything
I wander for weeks at a time.
On the Garden Ring
Like a sail in the wilderness starless
Renounce yourself
Write me any lie
Write me a letter
Write .. write ... write.
Write me a letter
Write .., write, write ....





We name - Woman! Forgive us for it,
You just ask - "how many of us in one?"
But do not expect me to answer yet,
After all, you Passer only party

Passing by us- fate of creation,
In the compilation and evil and goodness,
Everything there is so difficult, but surprisingly
It is quiet and simple ...

And sometimes, like boiling water in a glass,
Well, and then there is quiet and smooth surface,
And if she is not yet with you,
Something in a hurry, you can miscalculate ..

She created happiness to you by God,
Let the rib, not the right to the essence ..
Write to us poems beautiful style,
And you choose a common path ...


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