There are more than struggling peasant life and peach

These days, a lot like art micro-channel circle of friends, almost a micro-channel burst screen. Shandong an ordinary peasant woman painted a series of local flavor blowing "Peach Blossom" work and became a red net. Originally studied painting career plain pretty quiet beauty of wonders, the key peasant woman, "peach" style catching Chinese leader Zhou Chunya modern art style, is more critical of the peach peasant woman works only sell 200 yuan, while Zhou can be sold 2 million RMB or more. In this information era of rapid development of new media, this is not balanced social development stage to talk about something that hurt the feelings of the money, art and money, particularly overhangs.


Chun wild peach


   Speaking peasant woman, think of the most romantic thing, that is the portion of the huge popular "Bridges of Madison County," said a peasant village between the United States and the photographer is very touching love story. Pull away a bit, huh, huh. Carefully the online search peasant woman Zhen wind works, really, for a zero-based painting people say, can draw such a clean, pure peach, aesthetics, there are some to comprehend. This is something equal, everyone has innate sense of beauty, although it has not yet risen to conscious artist speculative behavior, but the same is worthy of respect. She spent 30 nights studying painting by painting, like painting on a peach, I feel very beautiful, it has been drawn down. Initially painting is like shallow, and the origin of all classic art is like moving from this start. Apart from skills, painting thinking, apart from artistic criteria enigmatic, leaving aside the habits of the network behind the violence all sorts of speculation suspicion alone work itself, peach Wang Zhen wind as more concerned with their own familiar environment and the like, and is particularly stumble servant countryside. Painting it, sometimes fewer traces of the cleaner technology, because she was concerned about his own heart is the most striking colors. Good peasant woman, is that she is in a non-conscious form of art, and consciously made this very spring thing - a Chinese-style hard gentle woman, because of her joy, draw their own peach and , really good looking.

Georgia O'Keeffe

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