Mystical Lake Caddo

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Mystic Lake Caddo - 25 pictures

Lake Caddo is a unique nature reserve that lies on the border of Texas and Louisiana. On its territory grow the largest cypress forests of our planet. Caddo - the only lake in Texas, formed by natural way. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, a river traffic jam was created on the Red River. Beavers living on the banks of the river, strengthened this congestion with their dams. Thus a dam formed, which blocked the movement of the river, and served as the beginning of the creation of the lake. Now it is a protected area with a unique nature.

The reserve is open all year round for tourists. But the best time to visit the lake is the end of October - the middle of November. At this time, cypresses change their color, and the forest looks unusually picturesque. In the reserve grows about two hundred bushes and trees. But the most popular for many years now use cypresses Bald Cypress. These cypresses, unlike their land relatives, belong to deciduous trees and for the winter they throw off their foliage. For this feature, and received their second name - bald. On the lake you can find specimens that are more than one hundred years old. Cypresses have a powerful root system. Thanks to her, the trees are not afraid of even the strongest hurricanes. The trunks of cypresses are often covered with numerous strands of Spanish moss. Moss is not a parasitic plant. He procures his own food from water and air. But still it harms trees, limiting them access to sunlight.

In one of the oldest Indian tribes there is a beautiful legend dedicated to the Spanish moss. Once a beautiful girl and a young man met in the forest. Young people fell in love with each other so much that they decided to leave the tribe and live together Rafal Olbinski art

on the shore of the lake. So they did. The couple was happy together. For days they wandered along the lake, admiring its beauty. But the time has come when the girl fell ill and died. A sorrowful man buried his lover on the shore of the lake. But as a memory, the young man left his braids to himself. Alone, he wandered around the lake and hanging the girl's hair on cypresses. Over time, the hair turned gray, but remained hanging on the trees, keeping the memory of the eternal love of two people.

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