Cutlets "The Secret of Fishermen

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Cutlets & laquo; Secrets & raquo;
Secret fish shakers are called “secret fish bags”, their preparation doesn’t differ much from the preparation of traditional fish birds, but their taste is similar to that it is impossible to convey in words.
Ernest Anders Portrait of a Young Lady
For scotch
50g. Of lubricating oil
100-150g. Of smooth bread
For filling
200g filebushy, coho, sockeye & ndash; any red fish
50g. Of lubricating oil
Vegetal masks
Carrots and potatoes with four large-sized soups with a butter-like trace of their preparedness. Bread is kneaded in a milk.
Ernest Anders Portrait of a Young Lady
To start the grinder, cut it as small as a small piece (using a homepage), cut it with the maximum amount of lightly.
From the front we form the sand pads, each time we put them on the legs, make the cages and fry them on a vegetable oil.
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