The most delicate vegetable charlotte & quot; Ladybird In Red Riding Hood On Poppy Field & quot;

The most demanding vegetable scarf "quot; Ladybird" in a Red Cap with a Poppy Field "
Tomatoes 5-6 pieces
2/3 of a big cucumber (or a bit more)
100-150g. Olivokonchinennyapprikoy
dill, parsley
500g cottage mass (savory)
250 gustoysmetany
1 hour of sugar
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salt pepper
2 tooth flakes
bag of gelatin (9g)
cooking method:
Bowl lined film.
Tomatoes cut into circles and put them into one or two glasses
The remaining tomatoes are well cut.
Green fine
In a separate bowl, stir the vegetables, add a twig to the methane.
Soak the gel in the water and let go.
Add a little received vegetable-vegetable mixture, mix and add to the general mass.
Stir again.
Carefully add the mixture to the pumpkin tomatoes.
Remove the refrigerator.
Imre Ámos Tears, Bonfire, Angels
Get out, quickly turn the film.
http: //vv.kulinar.ru.ru/recipse/viev/36273
Imre Ámos Tears, Bonfire, Angels
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