Snack & quot; DUSHES & quot;

Imre Ámos View of Aliga
Snack & quot; DUSHES & quot;
A good combination of meat-pears, tasty! A deliciously-minded ... a piece ...
we need:
Solid aromatic pear-1pc.
Olive (or all plant) oil-frying
Meat (alozhenezhirnoe, krompeptitsev) -300-400g
Leaves of alsalata
Mayonnaise, garlic, hard cheese (umenya parmesan)
For decoration-cranberries, grains, tomatoes, "cherry" or "masliina
cooking method:
Imre Ámos View of Aliga
Solid pears cut into small pieces, cut off the whole shell, and quickly fried or put the bulk of the garbage over the heated pan.
Meat (possibly as cooked) cut into slices and grill, salt.
Nalystyasalata (luchshbrastrassorti) lay out punch, nane-petal meat.
Succumbered with cheese, garnish with “cherry,” and black olives. Ready!
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