The mystery of life

Long ago in ancient times, God asked the angels, "Where to hide the secret of life?". Angel offered to hide deep in the Secret Sea. God said, "It would be too easy. Come a day when they get to the deepest ocean and sea oplyvut all."


Then the angels offered to hide the secrets of life in the Mother Earth. God said, "And it would be too easy. Once they pass over the whole world and digging up the whole earth." After a moment of silence angels offered to hide it on top of the highest mountain.


God said, "The day will come, and they will take on all the mountains of the world." If the mystery of life can not be hidden or in the sea or in the Mother Earth, or in the mountains, where then you can hide it? Can be the star?


After a short silence, God said: "People get to the four parts of the world, to the deepest seas and the highest mountains, and to the stars before to know ourselves, so mystery of life must be hidden in them."


Artist Alexander Pavlenko

Marcia Baldwin Paintings

Marcia Baldwin


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