Reflections in the rain! Artist Imre Tóth [Emerico]

Reflections in the rain! Artist Imre Tóth [Emerico]


Reflections in the rain! Artist Imre Tóth [Emerico]


Wet asphalt. Hurrying raindrops ... I liked it, and he amused - Leaflets trees washed passing. Happy puppy to lie in the mud. And so wanted, so here's the rain, has undergone a whim - and poured incessantly. And would I washed, and passers-by - all the lies, which carry with them constantly ....


- Well, hello, that's nice, we met here - So says with a smile passer familiar ..... everywhere. Around this flattery ...

And I smile. Because such laws? And sometimes you just want to heat ... Smileys in his eyes. Support. support. With enemies flew to "love" tinsel.

And can close the Pandora's box? And it will become clear - who is friend and who is foe. And again, I vzlechu, seeking only upwards, will disappear from the soul annoying darkness, And life for me will find new meaning. (Casual acquaintances August 5)











Imre Tóth [Emerico] - an artist, a native of Hungary. Speaking about this interesting and at the same time the creator of the artist, whose name we will cherish in our minds and whose name Imre Tóth [Emerico] as you remember, we have to quote the words of the artist on his own paintings and here are a couple of words that he said: "I love beauty in all things. In nature, design, women, their smile, eyes, body shape, breast, and in animals, domestic and wild life. " ("I love beauty in all things. Nature, design, the female: smile, eyes, fit body, perky breasts, and animals, domestic and wild life").

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