The paintings of Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

Sixth: this fact, I am not satisfied, the trunk will not be painted, salted fish sold 800, and soon face to face transactions. And later found a lot of friends like this, her mother to come, it is estimated that more in line with public aesthetic. I personally do not like this silly sweet.


Seventh: appendicitis surgery, at home, recuperate when painting a little, no time to do the details of the treatment, construction and water I am not satisfied.


Eighth; trunks I was not satisfied, wanted to keep the fish continue to sell, the results were mother's friends spend 1500 forced to take away ...


Ninth: my personal favorite one, I just like this gloomy wind, hanging in the bedroom. The beginning of this piece, I finally painted the trunk, but the sky is not very satisfied with me, and the other, I began to like a fan pen.


Tenth: my mother-in-law has been said on a deer's painting she likes, I sold, so I drew a silly sweet, this picture because send her mother, so more meticulous. That is, this piece, I left a step map, then put.



by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes for sale

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