Kovalkova Anna: fluorescent wedding corset made of acrylic

It seems more beautiful than nature has created you and every man desires genetics. To date, for this purpose, invented a whole lot of tweaks: manicure and pedicure, make-up and make-up. But nothing can change a person to the point of being completely unrecognizable, like a large-scale picture painted on his own body.

Body art is one of the most famous forms of avant-garde contemporary art. This is not just a way to decorate yourself. The body becomes the main object of creativity, and the image content is masterfully revealed by the model with the help of non-verbal language: gestures, postures, facial expressions. As well as signs on the body, which are transformed into "jewelry." Volumetric and flat, involving objects, in the form of installations, and without them - variants of this creativity are innumerable. But fluorescent is done only in Krasnoyarsk. And the craftsman knows only one: Anna Kovalkova.




By and large, for her it is not only a way of creative self-expression, but also a business. However - for almost all other artists in the world, too. In the Kovalkov Studio, body art becomes wedding, festive and advertising. But it remains fluorescent - necessary. For today, Anna is positioning herself as a fashion designer. And even participates in this status in the annual Krasnoyarsk Bride Parade. She puts the blessed bride in an acrylic corset. The question is, could she go to his real wedding in it? Anna Kovalkova is sure - no problem. The work of her art is perfect for this role: the young lady will dance in it the whole evening, survive the first wedding night - after all, money will be considered it will not hurt - and the next day can be vilified.
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