Claudio Perina. Pencil, pen, paint and other people ...


Every new person is a new drawing in my heart.
It can be drawn with a pencil, or maybe a pen.
Sometimes written in paint, also vague and motley.
A bright spot, which was a great impression, but very soon it was washed off, blurred, smeared ...
A pen in my heart I write down only proven people.
Or anyone I want to remember for a long time.
After all, even the ink sooner or later fade ...
A pencil is a magical thing. You can always erase it.
Only the trace will remain anyway.
And you can press it differently ...
And this will determine the degree of its penetration into the heart.
Here is such a museum turns out in the depths of each person ...
And the chronology of the arrangement is different for everyone.

Yena Smirnova







by Pino art for sale

The author of the work is Claudio Perina.

Claudio Perina is a young Italian artist from sunny Tuscany.
Warm colors, ocher, red, yellow, blue. Venice, its gondolas, its canals.
"I load the sky with the sun," says Claudio Perina.
Phantasmagoric landscapes, evaporated in realistic external appearances. A true touch of lightness, sweetness.
Dead, and at the same time very living characters: a mixture of colors that are fixed in the landscape ..., leaving the canvas.
Dispersion, hallucinations, much diluted colors.
Contrasts the projection that in his painting forms and colors, melted into a happy exaltation of nature.
Thanks to his wealth of used material: silk paper, rubbed on the canvas, the results obtained from his oils are amazing.
His smear is rich in content and vibrating coloring, perceived from the leaf despite the fact that it offers a calm vision of the subjects described outside every mannerisms.
Color always serves as a link to every imaginative intention and the resulting light overturns our vision.
Claudio Perina uses her own feelings and memory to create a reality between romance and sleep ...

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