Stroody. I'll draw a fairy tale for you ...


I'll draw a fairy tale for you,
Where the sky is soft as fluff,
Where every beast is talkative and affectionate,
Where night reads books out loud.

I'll cut out the dawn dreams,
From thy dreams thou shalt create gardens,
Almost the whole year there will be summer,
And the sun, bright as you.





I'll get into the dragon's pond,
I'll have owls in the branches,
And ivy, kissing the balconies,
And the castle is wondrous.

I will draw hundreds of faithful
Friends, whose home is always your home,
And the sharp clap of fast chamois,
And a warm ray under the window.

I will dissolve the paint in hopes,
I'll warm myself in the winter rain.
I'll draw a fairy tale for you ...
And, maybe ... you'll read it ...
And, maybe ... you will understand me ...

Artyushkevich Vadim Valerievich







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