Air biscuits

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Air biscuits

Air biscuits

One easy cookie recipe for tea or coffee, which is offered here: 1000.menu. In the recipe, as an ingredient is offered jam, you can take jelly or jam that you have at the moment. Take a recipe, try to cook a cookie and do not forget to thank the site participants for the suggested recipe.


- flour - 200 g

- starch - 100 g

- Butter - 150 g

- sugar - 100 g

- egg - 1 pc.

- salt - to taste

- lemon peel - 1 tsp.

- jam - 5 tsp.


Beat the softened butter with a mixer, gradually adding 50 g of sugar. Then mix in the mixture egg yolk and lemon peel or orange. (The protein will be needed later). After mixing the starch with flour and add to the oil mixture. Well knead until uniform.

In one plate lightly whip the remaining egg white. In another bowl, pour out the remaining 50 grams of sugar. Charles Atamian paintings for sale

Prepare the pan, oil it. Start forming cookies: take 2 tsp. test and roll the ball. Roll it first in egg white, and then in sugar. Put the balls on the baking tray. Now gently make a finger groove in each cookie. Leave the gaps between the cookies at least 2 cm. Bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes. Gently remove the biscuits from the baking sheet. Then in the cooled cookies fill the groove with jam or jam. The cookie is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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