Forecasts of Nostradamus for 2015. Will they come true?

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Forecasts of Nostradamus for 2015. Will they come true?

Forecasts of Nostradamus for 2015. Will they come true?

On December 14, 1503, the great Nostradamus was born - a French astrologer, a fortuneteller, a physician and an alchemist. In 1555, Nostradamus published his first Vladimir Kush paintings for sale

edition of Centuries, that is, prophecy in verse. The works of Nostradamus are still being interpreted, and that's what awaits us next year ...
In total, Nostradamus published 10 Centuries (942 quatrains), annual astrological almanacs, and a number of prophetic works.

1. Referring to the prediction of Nostradamus, in 2015 in the United States there will be a strong earthquake that will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. So it or not, we'll find out soon.

2. In addition, according to the prophecies of Nostradamus, in 2015 crises will come to France and Germany, and the leaders of the four leading world powers will immediately be assassinated for their lives.

3. The message of the astrologer says that the concept of "taxes" will cease to exist, and scientists will make several great discoveries, in particular, they will create the elixir of eternal youth.

4. And, in his opinion, humanity will open a new way of obtaining cheap electricity. It is likely that its source will be related to the use of solar energy. This will significantly affect the world economic situation, significantly stabilizing it.

5. By the way, the social standard of living in many cities of the world will increase. But the financial crisis will still continue to make itself known. But now the biggest problems because of this will test the United States, not the European powers.

6. Nostradamus predicted a major eruption of Vesuvius, which is expected to occur in late 2015 and early 2016. This will be a huge natural disaster, many people will die, multiple earthquakes will occur and the Earth will plunge into darkness for several days.

7. And here is the first and most important prediction for 2015: at the beginning of this period a new Messiah will be born on Earth, which in the future will become a unifier of lands and will save civilization from evil and debauchery, in which people will slowly sink.

8. Moreover, it is at the beginning of 2015 that Nostradamus refers to the birth of a new religion, which will initially appear in Russia, but will soon spread to other regions. This religion is already very soon, by 2040 will be the only one on Earth, around which the whole society will rally.

About Jobs, a joke, of course, and not a new one for a long time

9. And finally: In the first half of 2015, there will be a grave conflict in the Middle East, namely, Iran will issue an ultimatum to Turkey, and the world risks jamming on the threshold of the Third World War.

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