Beautiful female characters Fatima Tomaeva -Gabellini

Beautiful female characters Fatima Tomaeva -Gabellini




Your piercing tenderness,
Your destructive passion,
As if death is inevitable,
Have power over me.
And I'm just a slave docile,
Suffer excruciating pain,
When easily and naively
You commanded me again.


Fatima Tomaeva -Gabellini born November 5, 1967 in the city of Vladikavkaz. From 1986 to 1991 he studied at the Art School of Vladikavkaz. Since 1998 lives and works in Italy.


Carelessly thrown gown
More stores your warmth,
A crucifix hanging on the wall
And scarlet flame burns.
But in the dispute between the two contradictions
Sublime essence of sin -
Your brilliant shoulders,
Your divine breasts.


And you breathe moonlight
What flowed in the air the night.
And the night was warmed by you,
And the birds were singing outside the window
The fact that everything in the world is priceless,
While over it have power
Your piercing tenderness,
Your destructive passion.
Sergei Trofimov


Oh, woman, child, accustomed to play
And gaze gentle eyes and caress kiss
I must have you with all my heart despised,
And I love you, excited and longing!


I love and long to you, forgive and love,
Live one of you in my agony passionate,
For your whim, I will destroy the soul,
Everything all take for yourself - look for beautiful eyes,


For the word of deceitful that truth gently,
For the sweet melancholy of enthusiastic torment!
You, the sea of strange dreams, and sounds and lights!
You, my friend and eternal enemy! The evil spirit and good genius!

Konstantin Balmont




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